What is art?

Art is whatever its creator wants it to be, and also to an extent whatever the audience interprets it to be. Anyone can be an artist, so long that they proclaim that their work be art, and the idea of it is completely sold to themselves first. Whole revolutionary artistic movements are based off of this principle, for example the impressionist and expressionist movements completely revolutionized classical artwork, transitioning into modern, abstract artwork. Relying on a few bold individuals and their social connections, the definition of art was forever changed. Prior to the late 19th/early 20th century, artists sought to accurately portray scenery and or people. This was no longer the case, as pieces by the likes of Monet did not go for a photo-realistic approach of painting, but instead a more impressionist approach, that is, by expressing one’s own perception of nature before nature itself. Furthermore, artists such as Picasso created works of abstract expressionism, which did not strive to accurately portray an image at all. In a sense, art was redefined due to this change- that not only painters but also musicians bravely suggested to the community that this new phenomenon, completely disjunct from the established norms of artwork at the time was in fact artwork. Indeed, one may say that many artists that did not gain fame may have failed in the process of convincing the public that their work was in fact artwork, and that is why they do not withhold merit and are recognized. However, these artworks all contributed to a particular movement, which in turn made for the furthering of acceptance and integration of such radical ideas in society.


One thought on “What is art?

  1. Drew says:

    Great ideas Russell. I especially liked how you said “whole revolutionary artistic movements are based off of this principle.” It was a thought-provoking statement/idea that I’d not thought about before.

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